Our private studio is accessed by appoinment only.  You may book an appointment by clicking on the Online Appointment tab above or by calling the studio at 269-321-6676.  For questions about our services, please call the studio or email us at golfperformanceacademy@gmail.com.

Swing Lab

Our Swing Lab allows you to receive instruction all year long.  This indoor swing training studio allows us the opportunity to make necessary changes to our students' motion in an open, spacious and bright setting.  Our comfortable, climate controlled environment is the ideal setting to promote a positive learning experience. 

The Swing Lab utilizes some of the latest in instruction technology.  Simultaneous Dual Video Cameras work together with our swing analysis software (Swing View Pro) and club analysis software (P3 Pro) to provide us with all of the information we need to correctly diagnose all of the problems in the golf swing.  In addition, the Foresight Sports Game Changer 2 (GC2) Launch (Ball Flight) Monitor gives us accurate ball flight data.

Swing View Pro Dual Video Analysis Software

Swing Lab

Swing Lab in session